As technology progresses, scientists have discovered new ways to make biological based enhancements that can be worked into clothes to augment the wearer's abilities. TK Fashion is proud to bring clothes made with these special bio-engineered tissue into our fine line of quality, fashionable and now functional clothes.

So what can technology do for you? The enhancements fall into two general categories. For the aspiring entertainers, doctors and creature tamers, the more delicate enhancements can be worked into most casual wear. Enhancements designed for use in the field can be used in some of our more rugged lines of clothes.

Enhancement Options

The exact enhancement varies depending on the quality of the tissue. Exact stock may vary. This presents an average of what you can expect. Please consult the latest catalog for current options.

Casual Wear

Type of enhancementWhat it does
Enhanced Myoflex+15 Wound Healing (Dancing)+15 Wound Healing (Music)
Active Biosensors+15 Injury Treatment+15 Wound Treatment
Active Tranquelizers+15 Taming Wild Creatures+15 Taming Vicious Creatures

Field Wear

Type of enhancementWhat it does
Coagulating Agent+15 Bleeding Defense
Mimetic Circuitry+15 Cover
Tensile Resistance+15 Devense vs. Stun+4 Melee Defense
Fear Release+15 Intimidate+15 Warcry
Scent Neutrilization+15 Mask Scent+15 Camoflauge

Selecting the Clothes and Enhancement

Not all clothes can be enhanced. Most clothes that can only be made with one type of tissue. There is a very limited selection of clothes that can be made with both. The casual wear tends to use more fabric, and often can take two or more enhancements. However, more than two is very limited, and more than three is limited to wookiee headwear.

So what happens when you combine tissue? The effects add together, to a point. Two of the same type will add together whether in the same item or in different items. However, the largest bonus available is +25. If you combine multiple items with the same type of enhancement, you may see a report of your skills indicating the bonus is larger, but trust us when we say that it is still only +25.

For more information on ordering, refer to the instructions for selecting and ordering clothes.