Glitterwear Boutique and TK Fashion would like to thank Clarin of Graceful Clothiers, without whom we would have had to build everything from the ground up, and Severine of Glitterwear, who was the original inspiration to try and create a tailor catalog, and put up with early attempts at reproducing clothing colors before I could create the screenshots myself.

This website is based loosely on the original Graceful Clothiers Catalog, since released under the GNU General Public License. The changes I have made to the scripts are available here along with a set of default pictures to go with it. There is not any documentation available at this time. If you have any questions, contact Tiaga at Presently, the back-end scripts to create customized previews are not included. These are all custom work, not a derivative of any GPL work. However, keep checking back, as it is likely it will be available at some point soon. Be warned, it isn't simple to setup.

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