While we do not have an automated method for submitting orders yet, we strive to make the process as simple as possible. Just search through the catalog for what you are looking for, select the colors, and send a holo-mail to Tiaga with what you want, any enhancements you would like with it, and the color code for the colors you selected.

Finding the Right Outfit

Finding the right outfit can be quite a chore. There are so many right outfits to choose from, and limitless color combinations. Even finding where to begin can be daunting. Fortunately, we have a good place to start. The first task is to limit your selections to narrow down what you are looking for and customize the catalog for your needs.

The first row limits the selection based on who can wear it. Everything displayed will be wearable by any combination you select. For example, if you selected men, women, and twi'lek, you'd be presented with anything that a twi'lek of either gender could wear. Unless you are looking for advanced clothes, or to add to an outfit, this is all that you need to get started. To save some time, here are a few quick limits you can use.

Twi'lekWookieOther Races

The next row of options allows you to select what sort of clothes to list. This is only slightly useful, as mostly the categories are easy to figure out. However, selecting what sort of clothes not to use is more useful. If you have a shirt and pants you'd like to find clothes to go with, simply select does not cover shirt or legs, and everything listed can be worn with your shirt and pants.

Finally, you can select enhancements. There is a very limited selection of what clothes can be enhanced. As a rule of thumb, one combat enhancement can go with zero, one or two non-combat enhancement, usually zero or one. Non-combat enhancmenets come on their own in one, two, rarely three, and four only for wookiees. For more information on what enhancements we offer, please see "What enhancements are available?".

Picking Colors

When you have figured out what type of clothes you want, you can browse the available colors by choosing the "Select Colors" option below the preview. This will present you with the available colors for the different parts of the item. Selecting a color will update the preview in real-time to show you what it would look like. Once you are happy with the color selection, you will find a color code displayed below the price. This code allows us to exactly reproduce the colors as you see them. Simply list the code for each item you order.

Still not sure what to wear?

Let the experts help you! Send a mail to Tiaga to arrange for one of our fashion experts to help you come up with that perfect new look.


Unfortunately, previews of necklaces are not available at this time. However, we have a lovely display in our store of all the necklace options. Previews should be available shortly.